Find A Job You Love That Pays Well

You don’t need superhero powers, just the right strategy.

Job Hunt Hero membership helps you land the right job without wasting time doing unnecessary things.  As a member you’ll get exclusive access to courses, coaching, templates, and tools to help speed up your job search and land your dream job.

It seems so easy, right? Put together a compelling resume, go in for the interview, and get a solid job offer for your dream job.

You’re smart enough to know that that’s not how the job hunt works. If it was, everyone would easily find a job that they are 100% happy with and make plenty of money.

Instead, no matter how many strategies you’ve tried or advice you followed, your job hunt has largely fallen flat.  You don’t get calls back for the good jobs.  You can’t make it past the 1st interview for mediocre jobs.  You find yourself in a constant cycle of searching and unhappiness.

What if I told you that you have been wasting your time with your job search?

Yes, you read that right.  The saying goes, 80% of your results are based off of 20% of your effort.  That means that an overwhelming majority of the things you’re doing in your job search are simply not helping you.  They are literally sucking your time and your energy, leaving you tired and miserable.

Of course, landing a great job is not built on a specific formula or cookie cutter plans. Just look at the paths of successful people you know or have heard about in the media, and you’ll probably find that their ascent to greatness was unconventional.

You, too, need to take the reins of your careers instead of leaving things to chance.  You need to do the things that will help you achieve your goal of landing that dream job, and forget about the things that are holding you back.  You need to find a better way to find your next job.

But how do you do this when everywhere you turn gives you another silly gimmick or cookie cutter plan that will land you yet another mediocre job you are bound to hate?  There is a better way, and it’s here.

Smart job hunters engineer their success by through careful planning, rather than seeing what “sticks.”

Job Hunt Hero walks both new & experienced job hunters through executing a focused, strategic job search that works for you so that you can turn your unique strengths, ideas, and experience into opportunities.

Do interviews make you nervous?  We’ll help you gain confidence to tackle any type of situation.

Does  your resume not get any calls?  We’ll help you figure out why and how to fix it.

Do you find yourself too busy to look for a job?  We’ll show you how to dramatically cut down the time you spend and fit your search naturally into your day.

Do you find yourself hating your job?  We’ll show you how to pre-screen opportunities so you don’t make the same mistake twice.

Do you feel you’re underpaid and undervalued? We’ll show you how to know your value and get the maximum salary possible.

Your job search must be focused.

This is the system we use to help you cut through the clutter and execute your search flawlessly.


We’ll help you write a compelling resume or LinkedIn profile that capture the recruiter’s attention.


We’ll show you how to answer tough interview questions with ease, show your value, and close the deal.


We provide you with mini-courses and master courses to help you learn the skills you need to succeed at every step of the job search.


We’ll provide you with action plans, talking scripts, guides, and worksheets to make you well prepared, organized, and articulate.

You’ll be walked through a step-by-step process of preparation and execution, so that you can quickly and easily apply it to your job hunt. Everything is accessible through our easy-to-use members-only site.

My options exploded and my confidence soared.

Before this program, I had no job search model other than to aimlessly apply to multiple jobs and hope for the best. Since going through the program, I have created my own professional brand and took ownership of my job search.  Following this program has led me to many opportunities, including an awesome job I recently accepted.

— Callie T., Director of Information Systems

Who should join?

Job Hunt Hero membership is for any professional who wants to take their job search to the next level.  Whether you are just starting out in your career or a seasoned professional, we can help you develop a winning strategy and provide you with the necessary tools to succeed.

What should I expect upon signing up?

Upon signing up for membership, you will receive instant access to our step-by-step action plan, online courses, guides and worksheets, and virtual coaching.  If your membership provides, you will also receive instructions to connect with your coach about your job search, resume/profile writing, or interviewing.

Am I guaranteed to find a job?

While we can’t control whether a company actually hires you, our membership program is designed to give you all the tools, education, and help you need to be prepare for your job search, execute your search confidently, and make the best decisions for your own happiness.

We guarantee you will be satisfied with your purchase, or we will give you a 100% refund.  Just let us know within 30 days of purchase why you’re unsatisfied, and we will refund the money you paid for your membership.

How is this program different from others?

Job Hunt Hero’s program is rooted in the belief that not just any job will do… job hunting is about finding the right fit at the right time.

To help you do this, we’ll walk you through every step of the job search process and provide you with information in an easy-to-digest format.  Our system is designed to provide you with the right tools and help at just the right time, so that you can immediately apply them to your search.  You’ll have access to exclusive courses and content to help you develop your skills in resume writing, developing your professional image, interviewing, and negotiating the offer. Our program will help you not only perform well in the recruitment process, but also help you find the best opportunities and cut through the clutter.

Membership Plans

Our membership plans are customized to fit your unique needs.  Each plan gives you 6 months of access to the features listed in the table below.

24/7 access to exclusive content and e-courses
Guided job search delivered to your email (COMING SOON)
Virtual job interview coaching with interview question library
Sample resume and cover letter templates plus sample power phrases
Career development plan
Job search workbooks
Personal branding tools
Salary negotiation tactics, scripts, and worksheets
Virtual salary negotiation coaching
Pre-coaching needs assessment
Two (2) 30-minute phone/web sessions on your resume, job search, interview, or negotiation strategy
Follow up personalized action plans
Unlimited access to email coaching
One (1) extra 30-minute phone/web consultation
Updated resume with one round of edits
Fully written and keyword optimized LinkedIn profile tailored to your needs (with 1 round of edits)
Basic landing page (1) to showcase your skills

Still unsure if Job Hunt Hero membership is right for you?

It’s a commitment that costs money. We get it.

As you’re thinking about it, consider this:

  • Past members have told us that joining was the best step they made to land a job they love.
  • You don’t have to do this all at once. In fact, our program is designed to fit your busy lifestyle, and our courses and tools have been carefully created so that you can easily implement them.
  • For less than $5 a day, you can have access to coaching, courses, and tools to take your job search to the next level. Wouldn’t you be willing to pay $5 to be happier at work?
  • If you are not completely satisfied, there’s no risk to you! Just let us know within 30 days why you’re unhappy, and we’ll give you a 100% refund on what you paid for membership.
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